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Examples of work and projects I've done in the past. I specialize in creating custom, branded solutions. Don't have a brand? I can help you build it. For more information about these projects, please contact me.


I provide a variety of services, mostly surrounding web and web technologies.

Brand & Strategy

I can help you build your brand. From look and feel to how to gain followers on social media.

Web & Interface

Websites, graphics, email templates & campaigns - the list could go on and on.

Photo & Photo Editing

I can help with stockphotos, photography, photo or graphic manipulation, and photo editing.


My main passion is web design and web development - with an emphasis in front-end web development. I have an almost unsatiable sense of curiousity when it comes to web design and development to the point where I`m driven to figure out how something is done or how it works. I have a slight background in traditional programming (C++) that helps me analyze and create clean, reliable code. With my background and skills, I am a perfect fit on a Marketing or IT team. My technical background means I will never produce something that cannot be recreated with code and I understand the needs if a request is coming from an IT department. My creativity means I can work with other creative individuals and teams with ease. I like to have a lot of projects to work on as I feel like it utilizes my skills well and allows me to work through any issues that may come up without losing ground. I am currently based in Kansas City and am always open to taking on freelance projects.


Megan Batchelor

Web Designer & Front-End Developer

Expert in HTML and CSS, Green Bay Packer fan and all around easy to get along with gamer chick


Maya the Cataclysmic

Bengal Kitty

Fierce kitty, protector of the Batchelor realm, loud communicator

Fun Facts

89 Finished projects
2343409 Line of codes
1302 Hair on fire moments
52 Magic performed

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